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Piloncillo: artisan sweetener that conquers the palate

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The piloncillo or “chancaca” comes from the Nahuatl chiancaca, which means “brown sugar”. It is prepared from the undistilled juice of the sugar cane.

In 1493, at the time of the conquest of America by the Spanish, during culinary miscegenation the cultivation of sugar cane was introduced. Along with this new crop came sugar mills, milling and its different products. In that period it was the main source of sweetener for peasants and rural dwellers.


Piloncillo Cones

How is piloncillo made?


The traditional manufacturing process of piloncillo can vary according to the area and customs. In general, the following steps are carried out:

The sugar cane is harvested and squeezed to obtain the juice (trapiches).

The leftover bagasse is left to dry and is used to stoke the oven.

The cane juice is heated in the oven to its boiling point.

It is transferred to a mixer that does not stop turning until the thick sweet is made.

When it is thick, it is poured into cone-shaped wooden molds, as piloncillo is commonly known.

The clarity of the piloncillo is related to the quality; that is, the greater the clarity and sweetness, the better the product.


piloncillo cones


Currently, an average of 10 to 12 tons of sugarcane are needed to obtain a brown sugar cane, depending on the humidity and concentration of sugars. It is important to remember that it is a natural sweetener with no added chemicals.


9 benefits of Piloncillo, better than white sugar!


If you do not know piloncillo where you live, you may find it by another name such as panela, panocha, raspadura, sweet bundle, sweet tapa, papelón or chancaca; It is characterized for being a healthy food used as a natural sweetener that does not provide empty calories as the clear example of white sugar, one of the benefits of consuming it.




These are some of the incredible benefits that piloncillo brings you

  1. It is a totally NATURAL food.
  2. DOES NOT CONTAIN any type of additive or preservative.
  3. It provides the energy the body needs to carry out METABOLIC PROCESSES correctly.
  4. Unlike white sugar, brown sugar does not steal, on the contrary, it gives us ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS.
  5. It is a type of FREE sugar OF SUBSTANCES harmful to health. 
  6. It is used for INFUSIONS with an EXPECTORING effect.
  7. It is a good SOURCE OF ENERGY.
  9. Its composition makes it a NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSIVE.


These are some properties of piloncillo that you should definitely know


Helps protect the body from oxidation and aid in the early relief of respiratory diseases.


It helps to effectively carry out mental processes and is ideal for the treatment of depression.


It helps keep the immune system healthy and helps restore tissues.


Helps keep the nervous system in good condition. 


Helps keep our bones healthy 


Helps reduce the risk of anemia and osteoporosis.


It helps the correct and healthy formation of bones and teeth.

The main one for the correct functioning of the organs.

Helps regulate blood pressure and level blood sugar levels 


It is a mineral necessary to produce hemoglobin.


Necessary for the production of proteins and DNA.

This thick, dark-colored liquid has been found to retain many nutrients, minerals, and a moderate glycemic content. The piloncillo is composed entirely of molasses.




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