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No Hammer: A Better Way to Break Up Unrefined Sugar

Granulate Piloncillo: The Secret of Success.

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If you've ever worked with solid sugar "blocks" -- like piloncillo cones or those large disks of palm sugar -- you know how difficult they can be to break apart. I think it's the only time I've ever seen a hammer called for in a recipe.


Granulate Piloncillo


Handcrafted by indigenous hands in the Huasteca. Evaporated under traditional methods of sugarcane; The Granulate Piloncillo is a 100% natural food with excellent properties such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.





Granulated Piloncillo


Terron Grain Granulate Piloncillo.

In its process of obtaining, the piloncillo is the only sugar that is not subjected to any type of refinement or chemical process. That is why it is the sugar that preserves the greatest amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.


Piloncillo contains five times more minerals than brown sugar and 50 times more than white. It has fewer calories than white sugar. 240-260 calories per 100gr. of Piloncillo sugar versus 400 calories of white.

Natural Granulated Piloncillo

Save Time and Money with Granulate Piloncillo


Granulated Piloncillo

Fine Grain from Piloncillo.

How is the granulated process?

Breaking a cone of piloncillo is hard and risky work, many of our clients asked us how to break a cone of piloncillo without making a mess. Well, the solution is here, Granulate Piloncillo is the answer. Easy to use and with better results than the cone.

Granulate Piloncillo


The granulated piloncillo is achieved by heating and cooling at different levels. The granulated piloncillo is achieved through special screens or meshes. Where the grains are mixed and filtered by size, is where the Granulate Terron Grain and the Granulate Fine Grains are achieved.


Granulate Piloncillo
Granulated Piloncillo
Granulated Piloncillo


The properties and benefits of Cane Juice processed in Piloncillo Granulate are even better than the cone piloncillo, since no water is added to detach the cones from the molds.

You will get better benefits with the granulated piloncillo, the melt is faster than a piloncillo cone. The taste of Granulated Piloncillo is even more pure and clean.

The granulated piloncillo options we offer are Cafe Claro Granulate, which is made with Green Cane Juice, Terron, and Fine Grain (Organic and Non-organic), Dark Coffee Chlorine Granulate is made with burnt sugar cane, but with the same properties as the light brown granulate.

Lite Brown Granulated Piloncillo made with Green Sugarcane Juice.

Dark Brown Granulated Piloncillo made with Toasted Sugarcane Juice. Order here.

Both options keep the benefits of Sugar Cane Juice.


Granulate Piloncillo


Works like magic.


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